Resources for Teachers

Here are few of my published articles which are useful resources for teaching. They are provided as PDF files. Click on the links to download.

  1. The Biophysics of Walking – Force and Pressure are explained and differentiated in a simple manner using human foot, footwear and walking as examples. Includes easy to use activities that can be completed within 40 minutes.
  2. The secret life of succulents – Activities for the classroom using succulents. It includes photographs and identifications of commonly seen plants in the neighbourhood as well as endemic ones. A useful resource for teaching topics such stem and leaf modifications or even about medicinal plants.
  3. Pollinators or Plant munchers-Butterflies & Pollinators or Plant munchers-Butterflies Booklet – This document has activities and images of butterflies (with their names). It can be used either in classrooms during a lesson on pollination or for nature/science club activities. Topics covered are butterfly scales, wing colours, feeding, how to identify them and a brief description of the major families. Between the pamphlet (which can be printed and taken during outdoor activity) and the document 75 types of butterflies have been included.
  4. The Little-known World of Flies – This paper identifies and describes many flies one comes across, but hardly notice. It also provides exciting activities using the common house fly. A useful resource for middle school science as well as for nature/science club activities
  5. Resource guide for Biodiversity module – This pamphlet contains commonly seen neighbourhood fauna. Resource for outdoor activities. Biodiversity module can be downloaded from –
  6. Vidyavanam brochure – Biodiversity seen on the campus of Vidya Vanam School, Anaikatti.
  7. KMTR resource pamphlet Back Page & KMTR resource pamphlet Front PagePhoto field guide to the Butterflies and Moths of Kalakad Mundanturai Tiger Reserve.
  8. The ICMR has brought out an excellent book  Nutritive Value Of Indian Foods ( highly recommended by knowledgeable doctors) that sets out the nutritive value of all commonly consumed foods.  It’s also about food is eaten across India and not about Western countries. Its an exhaustive list and quite thorough. A good resource book for all teachers.