Class Insecta – Orders with Examples

Class Insecta of Phylum Arthropoda has undergone and continues to undergo changes in its classification. Here is an alphabetical list of insect orders in current usage with examples of insects types:
1. Blattodea                      Cockroaches
2. Coleoptera                    Beetles
3. Collembola                    Springtails
4. Dermaptera                  Earwigs
5. Diplura                          Diplurans
6. Diptera                          Flies
7. Embioptera                   Web spinners
8. Ephemeroptera             Mayflies
9. Grylloblattodea              Rock crawlers
10. Hemiptera                   Bugs, cicada, hoppers and scale insects
11. Hymenoptera             Ants, bees, wasps and sawflies
12. Isoptera                     Termites
13. Lepidoptera                Butterflies and moths
14. Mantodea                   Preying mantis
15. Mantophasmatodea
16. Mallophaga                 Biting lice and bird lice
17. Mecoptera                  Scorpion flies
18. Neuroptera                 Lacewings, alderflies, snakeflies and antlions
19. Odonata                    Dragonflies and damselflies
20. Orthoptera                 Grasshoppers, locusts and crickets
21. Phasmatodea             Stick and leaf insects
22. Plecoptera                  Stoneflies
23. Protura                      Proturans
24. Psocoptera                Booklice
25. Siphonaptera             Fleas
26. Siphunculata              Sucking lice
27. Strepsiptera               Stylopids
28. Thysanoptera            Thrips
29. Thysanura                 Bristletails and silverfish
30. Trichoptera                Caddis flies
31. Zoraptera                   Zorapterans




Lepidopterans are known to the layman as butterflies and moths. Here are some images of moths.

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