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  • anupama

    Hi, Geetha madm,
    I’m extremly happy and thankful to you for your article in frontline magazine on the world of insects. I’m a late comer to the world of moths and I’m searching every where to know more about. I’m an art teacher, with my students of 7th and 8th we have started last year. we photographed around 100 moths from our campus and hostels although we don’t know their names and other details other than a few. We got a chance to participate in the biodiversity congress at trivandrum last year.There we could meet few endomologists and got more touch with the field.
    Although I introduced my students to watch butterflies to create an interest to draw and paint,we gradualy turned to be ‘mothers’ as Ashish Kothari sir wrote. We are still watching around,to find some new ones around us.
    I’ve watched your ppt which was of great help.I alredy have an account at moths of india group, but not much familiar how to contact with others in the group.
    I would like to be in touch with you madm, you are a teacher yourself
    and i belive to get few guidelines in the field.

    Thankyou for your article, we are looking forward for the rest of the series.
    Love, thankyou again, anupama.

  • Dear Anupama
    Am glad to know that you found something interesting here. I shall be loading more information on moths and images of moths that have been identified here soon. you can mail me at [email protected] to keep in touch.
    by the way where did you photograph the moths? and where are you from?
    best wishes

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