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The details given are elementary and is a just a beginning. Hope to update slowly but steadily in the months to come. Published works from BNHS, Madras Museum, Fauna of British India and ZSI have been used for identifying these shells. All efforts have been made to be accurate, but should you find serious errors, please do let me know.

Taxonomy is a very fluid field and classification is constantly being modified. Attempt has been made to keep it up-to date and this is a continuous process. The classification given for Bivalvia may be a bit traditional and not modern; since old names are also conserved this should not cause too much of a problem.

Feedback would be useful and is welcomed. Images to teachers or for educational purposes are available on request. Contact me at geethaiyer @ and i would be happy to send them. However use of these image for commercial purposes is strongly discouraged.

Images of these shells with animals alive inside them can be view at :